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Lamb of God is committed to helping parents and students devastated by Hurricane Harvey at Houston’s Kipp Polaris Academy for Boys. Eighty (80) percent of the Academy’s 330 boys come from areas of concentrated deprivation that fall well below the county median income. To have an immediate impact, we are furnishing the leadership staff with gift cards for students and families in need of the basics who may live in shelters or temporary housing for the foreseeable future.
The Goal
Collect $15,000 in gift cards by Oct. 16th (6 weeks).

The Ask
Help students and families recover a semblance of normalcy by donating a Visa, Walmart or Target Gift Card in the amount of $25, $50 or $100 to the #HoustonPolarisProject.

The Process
Drop’Em Off… Deliver gift cards to our church office from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday through Friday. Please place the gift card(s) in an envelope marked, “Houston Polaris Project.”

Leave’Em With Us... Attending Sunday service at The Lamb? Submit your card(s) at the end of our worship service every Sunday over the next 6 weeks.

Donate Online… Donate at our website by clicking, We Give. Check “Special Project” and type: “Houston Polaris Project.” Our church will match, dollar for dollar, donations through our website up to $1,000 during the next 6 weeks.